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3/4? Is this 18th century or something

I think your mixdowns are getting better, it's a nice airy chill thing, though there isn't much going on for its lenght, I'd make it shorter or add more stuff over time, like the section that starts at 3:08 feels almost the same as at 2:01, I demand more of a drastic change /!:)/

DelitescentAria responds:

yeah it was stretching out a bit

but more drastic would ruin the airy feeeeeeeel (/ ; A ;)/

(fair criticism tho)

normally I'd say that the transitions are too sudden to my taste, but that's the point here probably. If I were an ostriche at a glocery store, this song would totally represent my though processes :)

nice choice of sounds, even though the tune is very quirky and glitchy and random at times, it still somehow make sense together

I could imagine it as soundtrack to some some kind of animated movie/video game or so

keep it up (:

It has kind of "exploring" mood, at least to me, so it could work just right as a backround music for a indie game or something

but as a piece for seperate listening it would need a bit more, imo, it lacks a main melody or some kind of hook that would really catch your attention

it just goes on and on, I would really appreciate some change in the rhythm at some point, maybe add some more percussion element here and there, switch instruments from time to time

also 1:16 transition was too sudden to my taste, fadeout ending was already mentioned before me

mix sounds alright

not bad as your first tune, really, good luck with future music making :)

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ETRossier responds:

You're right, it works a bit better as background music. I need to work on my composition skills themselves, and work on building some variety and producing catchy melodies. This music stuff is some tough shit.

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His eyes look like he's crying/high a bit :D

awesome work though

DETHSKULPT responds:

Yeah, unintended on the way the glaze melted, but the red was. He does look like he just ripped a fat load.

Just here to say it looks sooo cool :)


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