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{dj-N} Wubalubadubdub {dj-N} Wubalubadubdub

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

can we expect anything serious in near future?

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MSN Euro Trance MSN Euro Trance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

2005 called and it wants it's song back

what a sweet tune

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Hikari responds:

hahaha Thanks, when I first started making music I wanted to make a trance song like this. 10 years later I did it!

Sissy Sissy

Rated 2 / 5 stars

lol call this experimental song, I call it drunk slapdash thing

musical aspect in short - 2random4me, everything is happening kinda out of nowhere, synths and vocal don't fit the rhythm much

it could use more drums and fills, that metronome/hihat throughout the whole song isn't enough I guess and the kick is so drowned in the mix I don't even count it as being present

also vocals should be more audible, they get quite lost when the other instruments are playing.. maybe compress them a bit or eq other stuff so they get their space

good luck with future production

polarpoole responds:

"drunk slapdash"

that's the single greatest compliment i've ever received for my music thank you so much

.:This is the End:. (Winter's Acid) .:This is the End:. (Winter's Acid)

Rated 2 / 5 stars


if you make "growlstep" where the main sound is a bass, you should always make at least 2 different sounds (or change some parameters of one so it sounds different each time, right) and alternate between them.. if you use only one it usually gets boring really quickly, like in this case..

i would also add more melodic instrument, some arps and stuff as well as more hi-hats and percussion

from the start of the song there was this low frequency noise, it makes the mix super muddy

the drops don't have any impact.. I wouldn't use this much bass before them, pre-drop should be relatively quiet, then when the drop comes it must be like BOOM

and more fx.. even some tiny whooosh every few bars can make a difference

btw those strings at drops aren't making any melody, they're just chords and they sound super repetitive.. play with the rhythm a bit, make some notes longer, other shorter.. maybe google how to make a melody, you'll get like 1846834 results, then practice a lot

and drum fills, you need to make drum fills, play with the beat every few bars, this sounded super-monotone

good luck with future production and life, it will get better, you still got like 90% of it ahead of you and that's a looot of time for everything

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BlueAlpha14 responds:

I may be able to comply with your parameter complaint but samples don't have parameters. The growl was a sample. I don't have Massive or Serum so yeah, I'm stuck with samples XD. But there also was a wobble in there.

I should've thought about arps, it never crossed my mine in the making of this.

I tried to fix the muddy mix at the beginning, I even added more of a bass line. Didn't help much I'm assuming.

Thing is, it's difficult for me to transition into drops, so that is why I experimented making the drop and intro sort of clash.

If you know where to get those kind of FX I'll gladly use them. FL Studio's FX selection sucks.

Understandable about the chords during the drop. Sorry.

Dubstep is a 2 step beat after all. I'm kinda lost on what drum fills are, I'll look it up.

Thanks for the review, I always appreciate hearing different thoughts about my stuff.


Elegant Escape Elegant Escape

Rated 2 / 5 stars

well well, I feel like the drums and melodic instruments don't work together.. I mean you got this spooky ambience and like total straight dance beat to it.. just doesn't sound good to me, also the drum samples themselves are of those clean-electro type, I would use something more natural, orchestra-ish, juggle with the rhytm a bit and maybe create some weird beat to contribute the song's overall atmosphere

mixing, in short, is bad.. in "drop" sections everything is competing with other, also the kick is really drowned.. you can watch some mixing tutorials on YT, and also practice a lot

If this is you 2nd song, it isn't THAT bad, but of course you got a long way ahead of you

good luck

Shock Exchange Shock Exchange

Rated 4 / 5 stars

yeah sounds pretty funky :) I like the flow of melodies and everything, musical aspect in really creative and catchy.. also a very good job with drum fills

now mixing could be better, not sure if funk drums don't use a kick :) or I just can't hear it.. overall drums are quite lost in the mix, some EQ work and a bit of compression could do the trick

good luck

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Edman520 responds:

Yeah I know exactly what you mean. That was probably the hardest thing I struggled with on this song, and still didn't fix it all of the way. Thanks for assuring me that it indeed needs work!

LazyTown - We Are Number One (Dubstep Remix) LazyTown - We Are Number One (Dubstep Remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

insane lol

Mountains Mountains

Rated 3 / 5 stars

hi there sir,

musically it's OK, simple but catchy

intro and middle break feels quite empty.. could use more effects, theres like 1 tiny whooosh and then a riser, try layering more simple fx together


that thing that starts at 1:14/3:21 should be quiter, I mean all the other instruments get a bit drowned in the drops
overall it could use some more of lower frequencies
drums sound too minimalistic I would say, they could use some compression, maybe some stereo spread on high frequencies

good luck with future production

NebulaTrax responds:

Thanks for the review dude, I'll try to do my best in the future :)

My last night - Keypat Reborn My last night - Keypat Reborn

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Heh, sounds pretty positive to me.. really no anxiety or depression feeling anywhere (maybe a tiny bit at 1:37/2:35 :)

Musicality of this piece is great, I wasn't bored at any part, my favourite is at 1:55, that 2:35 piano melody was also decent.. Overall it has a nice adventure-ish, chill, happy vibe

mixing is cool I guess, no ear-tearing mistakes, maybe it could use some more low frequencies, otherwise good job

good luck with future production!

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Keypat responds:

Thanks for your review man. I'm glad for your words. I'll try to work in low frecuencies and my mixing. Thank you so much for the good vibes ;)

I Am Alive (Single Version) I Am Alive (Single Version)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Such a catchy thing! I have not much to say, it is a great retro piece

Mixing is cool as well, I cant hear any mistakes, so good job :)

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ConnorGrail responds:

Thanks for listening!