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Aria - Vector Aria - Vector

Rated 3 / 5 stars

so it's me again, R4R is dead

I would put some filter (e.g. lowpass/highpass and automate its cutoff) on the arp during intro, it sounds super cheap when you just slap it there already in full power with sub bass and everything

the first drop at 0:40 sound quite slapdash, melody together with the beat sound really monotone, changing the length of some notes and rhythm of the beat now and then would do the trick

speaking of beat, drums should have variations every few bars, at least adding open hihats at some sections would help in a great way

the second drop at 1:30 is better, more house-ish though there are some false notes or weird intervals in the melody, which make it sound bad in certain places

ending also feels kinda cut, no filter, no fx, nothing.. maybe making that reverb tail longer and louder
would help

also more fx.. at least some tiny whooosh/sweeep/impact from time to time

good luck

DelitescentAria responds:

Thanks for the hindsight.

I am saddened by R4R's death, now not knowing how to get reviewed anymore.

I get where you're coming from with the filter, it definitely is cheap to just slap the arp on, I'll see to mess with Effector or look for other plugins to add effects (if you have any recommendations for a PC user, I'm all ears).

I definitely liked the second drop better too, sounded cleaner. I can't even touch sound design without messing up entirely, so if you have some pointers, again, all ears, maybe why my sounds are always a bit cheap. I'll look into false notes better next time, give it more of a listen. I'm still struggling with music, as it is very audible, good reviews help a lot.

Thanks for sticking through R4R, even though it's dead. I'll follow you and review your new stuff, if that means anything to you.

Thanks for the insight again and good luck right back at you.

Fun Times Fun Times

Rated 3 / 5 stars

hi there,

the musical side is OK, nothing more, nothing less.. it kinda goes on and on, there's no climax or super catchy moment... so even though it has a lot of variations, it still sounds a bit monotone to me.. if it's supposed to be some game backround music, then it's fine

at 1:04/4:11 there's some weird change in progression, not wrong, but it doesn't fit the happy rest of the song imo

and it could use more effects, you know, some whoosh every few bar

mix sounds quite clear, no major mistakes, keep it up :)

Swingolicious Swingolicious

Rated 2 / 5 stars

in trance (or house, techno, electro,...) you should definitely put a kick on every beat and snare/clap on every other beat, than add some hihats and percussion to create some cool groove

melodies are actually quite catchy, but a lack of any solid bassline rhythm and 4/4 kick kinda kills the impression

arrangement is ok, you got some ideas about song structure

mixing is quite bad, biggest problem is that there aren't any solid low frequencies, kick is pretty drowned behind that synth and the hihat should be a bit quiter (high-frequency stuff (8k+) doen't have to be that loud to "feel" loud).. just practice a lot, maybe compare loudness of certain things with some professional song and then try to mimick it.

hope this helps a bit and good luck with future production!

MB12345 - Lost Opportunity (Piano Solo #1) MB12345 - Lost Opportunity (Piano Solo #1)

Rated 2 / 5 stars

the piano is doing the same from the beginning to end, you just added few repetitive notes 0:25.. that's not enough for a good melody.. you need to play with it a bit, change rhythm sometimes, make some pause, etc.

0:48 harmony of the piano and strings doesn't sound very good.. not sure if it's off key or some weird interval.. simply not pleasant to my ears

also the piano sound itself is quite bad, I can hear some crackling from time to time, you've probably overcompressed it, plus it somewhat lacks "air" from high frequencies like I was listening to it from other room.. a good piano vst can help, e.g. there some decent ones for kontakt 5

hope this helps a bit and good luck with future production :)

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MithyxSounds responds:

thank you, this was very helpful. i made this on fl mobile, so I should improve soon (when i get fl 12). thanks for the honestly :P

Aria - Enjambée Aria - Enjambée

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

hi there

it sounds reeally robotic, you should play with velocities and timing of the keys a bit, so they don't always hit that perfectly on time and at same loudness. Also having a good piano vst really helps and opens new possibilities (e.g. some piano libraries for Kontakt 5).

Melody is OKish, but I would make at least a few bars of a different rhythm, slow down for a while or something.., it has some variations, but it still feels kinda the same from beggining to end

good luck with future creations :)

DelitescentAria responds:

I appreciate someone who I look up to reviewing my song!

As I said, it was done in a short amount of time, more like a little idea, something to kill the boredom. I know it isn't polished, it doesn't sound amazing. I appreciate your comments and will look forward to getting better with piano.

Cheers ^-^

{dj-N} Wubalubadubdub {dj-N} Wubalubadubdub

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

can we expect anything serious in near future?

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MSN Euro Trance MSN Euro Trance

Rated 5 / 5 stars

2005 called and it wants it's song back

what a sweet tune

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Hikari responds:

hahaha Thanks, when I first started making music I wanted to make a trance song like this. 10 years later I did it!

Sissy Sissy

Rated 2 / 5 stars

lol call this experimental song, I call it drunk slapdash thing

musical aspect in short - 2random4me, everything is happening kinda out of nowhere, synths and vocal don't fit the rhythm much

it could use more drums and fills, that metronome/hihat throughout the whole song isn't enough I guess and the kick is so drowned in the mix I don't even count it as being present

also vocals should be more audible, they get quite lost when the other instruments are playing.. maybe compress them a bit or eq other stuff so they get their space

good luck with future production

polarpoole responds:

"drunk slapdash"

that's the single greatest compliment i've ever received for my music thank you so much

.:This is the End:. (Winter's Acid) .:This is the End:. (Winter's Acid)

Rated 2 / 5 stars


if you make "growlstep" where the main sound is a bass, you should always make at least 2 different sounds (or change some parameters of one so it sounds different each time, right) and alternate between them.. if you use only one it usually gets boring really quickly, like in this case..

i would also add more melodic instrument, some arps and stuff as well as more hi-hats and percussion

from the start of the song there was this low frequency noise, it makes the mix super muddy

the drops don't have any impact.. I wouldn't use this much bass before them, pre-drop should be relatively quiet, then when the drop comes it must be like BOOM

and more fx.. even some tiny whooosh every few bars can make a difference

btw those strings at drops aren't making any melody, they're just chords and they sound super repetitive.. play with the rhythm a bit, make some notes longer, other shorter.. maybe google how to make a melody, you'll get like 1846834 results, then practice a lot

and drum fills, you need to make drum fills, play with the beat every few bars, this sounded super-monotone

good luck with future production and life, it will get better, you still got like 90% of it ahead of you and that's a looot of time for everything

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BlueAlpha14 responds:

I may be able to comply with your parameter complaint but samples don't have parameters. The growl was a sample. I don't have Massive or Serum so yeah, I'm stuck with samples XD. But there also was a wobble in there.

I should've thought about arps, it never crossed my mine in the making of this.

I tried to fix the muddy mix at the beginning, I even added more of a bass line. Didn't help much I'm assuming.

Thing is, it's difficult for me to transition into drops, so that is why I experimented making the drop and intro sort of clash.

If you know where to get those kind of FX I'll gladly use them. FL Studio's FX selection sucks.

Understandable about the chords during the drop. Sorry.

Dubstep is a 2 step beat after all. I'm kinda lost on what drum fills are, I'll look it up.

Thanks for the review, I always appreciate hearing different thoughts about my stuff.


Elegant Escape Elegant Escape

Rated 2 / 5 stars

well well, I feel like the drums and melodic instruments don't work together.. I mean you got this spooky ambience and like total straight dance beat to it.. just doesn't sound good to me, also the drum samples themselves are of those clean-electro type, I would use something more natural, orchestra-ish, juggle with the rhytm a bit and maybe create some weird beat to contribute the song's overall atmosphere

mixing, in short, is bad.. in "drop" sections everything is competing with other, also the kick is really drowned.. you can watch some mixing tutorials on YT, and also practice a lot

If this is you 2nd song, it isn't THAT bad, but of course you got a long way ahead of you

good luck