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Tracks for Unfinished Games #1 - Rainforest Tracks for Unfinished Games #1 - Rainforest

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The song flows really nicely, transitions from "action" to "calm" are pretty smooth, not forced

There's a nice combination of 8-bit "dirt" sounds, smooth piano riffs and reverbed pads

I really like the ambience feel, this is a proper use of stereo - it moves, it lives - a lot of similar pieces just have all the sounds stacked in the middle, no use of far left/right,

My noob-producer ears can't hear any mixing problems, so good job with that

All together it seems quite professional to me, could be perfect music for some "less pixel" game

scouted ya :)

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ABitApe responds:

Thanks man ^^ Really appreciate the feedback :)
Good to hear the transitions and the stereo-width works well as I was a bit worried about those things! It's two things people usually mentioned as things I needed to work on in earlier tracks.

And thanks for the scout :3

Dreamcast (Chillstep) Dreamcast (Chillstep)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like this, it has a nice nostalgic chill feel (quite reminds me MitiS), my favorite kind of melody.. it takes me back to those days, where a few pixels created much better atmosphere, than today photo-realistic graphic.. I still play new games to kill time, but I can't be "absorbed" by them like before... maybe games changed, maybe I'm too old or something :)

It was probably meant to be minimalistic, but I would add some hats to the main part, feels a bit empty percusion-wise + the snare could use some reverb tail, sounds a bit raw for me

mix is kinda flawless, maybe that kick has a bit too much of a punch compared to the snare.

but overall, it's my favourite new song

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Techmo-X responds:

I love Mitis! Video games did change. It's sad really because I still play my PS1 more than my Xbox One lolz. I was going to add a little more of that reverb but I felt like it was a bit too much since most of the lead already had reverb additives and the rhythm was also a bit strong and I help like it was good the way it came out but maybe you might have been on to something. I didn't need to mix much since I just EQ'ed the sound to accommodate for the lead value. Either way thank you for the review :P

ultimate vacuum ultimate vacuum

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Yep, this definitely reminds me those videos/GIFs of drugged ravers from 90s

musical aspect (lol):
really not much to say, melody has that sinister feel, overall it is just too repetitive for me
I would definitely add some fx every few bars, you know, some whooosh
And I believe that every track ever should have some part where drums aren't playing

mix aspect:
quite ok except 0:50/1:20 - that hat is so. much. loud. I'm kinda high freq. deaf, but this still destroys my ears. Try comparing this to some similar tracks, you'll see that hats are very low in mix, kick should be the leading percussion, even that clap is a bit too loud

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Voice In The Dreams (1f1n1ty Remix) Voice In The Dreams (1f1n1ty Remix)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Sounds like really bad drug trip.. kinda reminds me that nightmare level from Max Payne

That far-left far-right jumps in stero kinda hurt ears

Mix is ok I guess, except 1:42 drums are a bit drowned

the sounds are really interesting, but that's all. It's like some kind of sound design demo, when you buy massive preset packs or something, you know, cymatics futurehorrordubglitchstep pack vol.420, 106% off, buy now.., and next to it would be link to this song :D

I like all kinds of glitches but there have to be some normal chords behind them

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1f1n1ty responds:

Hey, just came back here and realized I didn't respond to this.

So this track was made as an experiment of sounds and crud. It wasn't intentionally meant to be any sort of structured thing or whatnot, but it had such good reception on youtube that I decided it might be worth an upload to newgrounds.

Your review has helped confirm my original suspicion that this community wouldn't like it as much. Thanks for that, and I will make sure that next time I write something like this, there will be normal chords behind it rather than whole-tone craziness. Cheers! :D

UltraMX - Pointless UltraMX - Pointless

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

*Do not take this like some kind of hate, it is a honest review with some advice*

Compositision doesn't make any sense right now, everything is happening out of nowhere, chords sound totally random and don't fit the rhytm, drums are playing over and over again , you need to make more variations.

Sound quality is poor, better drum samples are vital, try to get something like vengeance dubstep pack and synths like harmor, syleth1, massive, serum, ..

Mix is just bad, there are huge sudden peaks in volume, especially those high frequency sounds really hurt my ears (1:37), also drums are totally overwhelmed by synths in "drop" parts of the song.

Try to watch SeamlessR on youtube, he has tutorials on everything about FL and production of EDM, including full making of songs from scratch.

Give it time, practice every day, and in a few weeks/months you will get better for sure

UltraMX responds:

I have massive, but i wasn't going to use it.... yet.

The Love The Love

Rated 4 / 5 stars

hey thats pretty good

Quite simple, but not boring, the melody and beat flow nicely, very peacefuly. I only wish it had some soft female vocal pieces mixed in :)

Mixing-wise it is perfect, at least for my noob-producer ears

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B4R responds:

Thank for review Stanley! Glad you enjoyed the beat, i'm slowly upgrading my arsenal so vocals is not far off here haha anyways thanks brother!!

Light Rail Light Rail

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


You should take more time to create melodies/harmonies, e.g. in 1:30 the instruments just doesn´t sound good together, also overall arrangement does´t make much sense to me

It seems to me that it takes too long for the main drums to come

Most of the instruments still sound very simple, even for "8-bit/videogame" standard

2:11 and 1:16 things are too loud imo

I kinda liked the intro and ending


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Zechnition responds:

Yes, I see that some of the piano parts just don't fit together, sort of like two separate songs at once. Fixing that along with some more minor changes that you suggested. Thanks! =D

Chai Tea Chai Tea

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really like musicality of this piece, it kinda reminds me carefree days of playing good old video games.. melody is so peaceful and flows nicely, all instruments join in harmony, really well done.

Technical side of the track is OK I guess, everything is clear, nothing hurts my ears :)


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Random-storykeeper responds:

Thank you. :)

Pursuit Pursuit

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Musical aspect

i would add more percussion elements, at least some snare, kick-only gets boring very quickly

the song kinda has that pursuit mood, but work more on your melodies - they are not totally bad, but I feel like you could create better harmony when more instruments play together

Technical aspect

that "lead" (starts at 0:26) is way louder than other instruments, these high pitch sounds kinda hurt ears, especially around 1:10

instruments on they own sound OK, pretty 8-bit-ish, but you need to mix them better.

2.5 rated 3 on left panel

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Zechnition responds:

Ok, thanks for your review! I'll use it to make my song better.

Redid the drum track and it sounds so much better! =D

Waiting for War Waiting for War

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


- musical aspect is OKish, beat makes sense and together with that riff creates that "gettin ready" feeling

-teh guitar-thing... imo it could be like octave higher, or could use boost in higher frequencies

- drums sound super "raw", could use more processing for sure, at least reverb on hats or something

-0:10; 0:17,.. thats like that remote car locking sound :) Don´t know it was made intentionally, anyway it doesn´t fit much

3.5 rated 4 on left panel, because it´s monday

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IndustryStandard responds:

It's funny you should say the guitar could be an octave higher, because i actually used an octave pedal to add an octave lower. I'll mess around with the idea but i think that might just be a subjective thing.

I kind of like the raw sound on the drums, but i didn't play around with it much so I'll definitely see what i can do with some reverb on there, thanks for the suggestion.

That sound is actually my fingers slipping on the guitar strings, I never noticed it before but it does sound like a car locking haha. I might rerecord the riff, or I'll just leave it in there. maybe just cut it out of the track in the mix file. We'll see

Thanks for the advice!